Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Little More Than Fashionably Late :-S Stitch Drop Podcast: Ep 4

Greeting, my friends!
First, let me apologize.  I left without a word, no note, no warning, and I'm sorry for that!  It's been SO LONG and so much has happened.  I won't spend all my time today with a blow-by-blow, but in that time I finished my summer knitting classes(more on that in a moment), started a new job and had a minor health crisis.  It's been a busy summer!

I did finally manage to get a new episode of my podcast up where you can see some of the great yarny things I've been up to recently!  I make no reference to it in the video, but I tacked on some video of a sheep herding demo from a trip to Old Sturbridge Village Wool Days on the end, so make sure you stick around to the end (or if my rambling becomes too much, feel free to skip- it starts at about 50:50)!

Omg, the shoutouts to makers and products!  I got a lot of stash into this video considering how short it is, so I'll try to put links to all of the websites below, for your yarny convenience:

Frabjous Fibers = gorgeous purple spinning fiber
The Merlin Tree - maker of my beautiful new spinning wheel
Still River Mill - I do not see the 3D printed drop spindles on their website, but there does seem to be a plan outline for a yarn and wine tour?!  I know what I'll be doing this weekend.
Sonder Yarns -shown in Aspen and Graphite Grey colorways
Kama Suutra Fiber Arts Etsy store- maker of the fabulous stripped blank and "MOM tatoo" shawl yarn
Bewitching Fibers Etsy shop- maker of the beautiful blue and orange fiber braids
Valley Yarns Cardigan pattern - my ice blue monstrosity
ManaKori bags on Etsy - maker of the awesome comic bag.  There's a coupon through the end of the month, so go check it out!
The Rams Horn Studio- beautiful pewter creations like my Kelpie/Crane buttons
Madder Root Etsy shop- home of the awesome pussy-willow buckle bag

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